The Vinyl-Lovers Bundle

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Auralex Vinyl-Lovers Bundle with MoPADS.
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Auralex Vinyl-Lovers Bundle

It's your music, make it sound the best it can with this Vinyl-Lovers Bundle. You appreciate quality sound control within your Hi-Fi listening environment and this bundle gives you, or the audiophile in your life, a great experience at a great price. 

This bundle includes:

Just place the ISO-Tone™ platform under your turntable, and this sound-absorbing sandwich of cloth-wrapped MDF and Auralex's proprietary sound isolation foam will protect it from unwanted vibration coming from the equipment rack, desktop, or DJ case it's resting on. Vibration that reaches your turntable diminishes its sound quality, and can even cause unwanted acoustic feedback. The ISO-Tone is specially designed to keep vibration at bay, ensuring you'll enjoy all of the focus, detail, and clarity your turntable is capable of.

This bundle also includes the SubDude-II™ Subwoofer Isolation Pad. This patented, isolation platform features a stylish velour covering over an inert structural layer that floats on a cushion of acclaimed Auralex Platfoam™. The engineering of this solution allows the true sound of your sub to come through by negating resonance artifacts. Listen as SubDude-II™ instantly diminishes structural vibrations, resulting in cleaner and tighter bass, reduced coloration and a more accurate low-frequency response.

To decouple your studio monitors from their resting surface, this bundle includes MoPADs™. These studio monitor isolators are designed to support virtually all sizes of bookshelf loudspeakers or recording monitors up to 200 lbs. each. MoPADs™ are easy to implement, and highly effective when decoupling your monitors from your room and all its contents. The patented design allows for 5 different positioning options. Using the included MoPAD™ Wedge Adjusters, you can adjust your loudspeakers to listening angles of -8°, -4°, 0°, +4° and +8°.