Large Room Setups

Auralex has been providing acoustical advice and treatment plans for all types of different home and professional recording studios for decades. But did you know that we have just as much experience with large rooms and commercial facilities? Follow the links below to learn about Auralex can help with your facility, no what purpose it serves.

Here are just a few of the most common types of large rooms we work with everyday. Click for more information on how we treat each facility.

House of Worship
Performance Venues
Bars & Restaurants
Educational Facilities

Need some information about setting up a smaller room like a Home Studio or Office Space? 

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Want to know more about your options? Auralex is the industry-leading Acoustics company and one of the oldest and most respected companies in the business. Since 1977, we have helped thousands of people with their unique acoustic needs in all kinds of facilities from auditoriums to bedroom studios. Our highly trained staff is available for phone support to answer questions. If you have some basic measurements and information about your space and you are ready to receive a recommendation download the RLX App

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