What is the difference between Studiofoam® and bedding foam or "Brand-X" foam?

All Auralex foam products have been specially engineered to: 

  • Maximize acoustical performance
  • Maximize longevity
  • Maximize flame retardancy
  • Maximize aesthetics

Non-Auralex foams usually: 

  • Have inferior acoustical performance
  • ”Crumble” or otherwise deteriorate over time
  • Are much more flammable
  • Aren’t as aesthetically pleasing


Acoustical Performance

The acoustical characteristics of foams are dependent on many factors. The more important of these are density and surface area. Auralex Engineers strive to maximize these two factors in all our products to achieve the highest possible acoustical performance.

There are numerous look-alike products that have a similar appearance but are lacking in performance. Many of these copies are of much lower density, which keeps costs down, but severely diminishes the absorptive performance. This is especially true in mid and low frequencies.


We hear many, many horror stories of folks who have gone with ”other” foams only to find little foam ”crumbs” all over their gear – sometimes in a matter of months! Our ”secret recipe” of acoustical foam minimizes this effect. This is highly dependent on the environment in which the panels are in – temperature and moisture changes are the biggest causes of premature aging. Placing the panels in direct sunlight will also affect them negatively. Auralex foam has been around for over two decades in some installations and it shows no signs of deterioration. ”As good as new!”

Flame Retardancy

You may or may not have read disclaimers on ”other” foams about how they are ”extremely flammable.” Some of the competitors’ foams (sans disclaimers) have nearly taken our arm off when we set a match to them! Once again, the Auralex Engineers have come through for you. All of our Studiofoam products have flame-retardant properties. Several of our products achieve the highest rating possible by polymeric acoustical foams – Class A*. The foam will ”self-extinguish” if briefly exposed to a flame. (Note: Auralex does not encourage customers to try flame tests themselves. We don’t want anyone getting hurt.)

*Surface treatments are available that can increase flame retardancy. However, our tests of these treatments have resulted in severe degradation of acoustical performance and an increase in the likelihood of deterioration. Read our disclaimer and view our Fire Testing Data.


Ever been to a studio that used bedding foam for treatment? Looks cheap, doesn’t it? Well, Auralex offers a wide range of colors and shapes of acoustical foams to meet almost anyone’s tastes. All designs yield looks that are consistent with state-of-the-art décor and high-class tastes. Please browse through the many installation photos to see just a small sampling of the different ‘looks’ you can get!

“Sound Proof”?

Many imitators also use misleading marketing terms such as “soundproof foam”, “block sound”, etc…  Studiofoam or any other acoustical wall-mounted panel are designed to treat the interior of a room and improve sound within the room, not to block sound. If you are looking to isolate a room you can view our Sound Isolation products here. If you need product recommendations for your space, please fill out Our Room Analysis Services.

Please keep in mind Sound Isolation is a construction process and may involve the building of new interior wall structures. View our Sound Isolation Materials Quick Guide for more information about the process.

Be sure to purchase high-quality Auralex® Acoustics products from an authorized dealer to ensure you receive the durability and superior acoustical performance your music deserves!