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Auralex Interviews: HiFi Indy

Your venue space may look great… But how does it SOUND?

Have you stopped to consider how customers and musicians think of the sound quality of your facility? Poor acoustical conditions can be more harmful than simply sounding “bad” – if the musicians aren’t happy with the venue’s sound perhaps they won’t return, they might even advise other bands that your space is less than favorable and they should look elsewhere to book a show.  The same could be said for an audience member who wasn’t impressed with the facility’s sound – they might not come back, maybe they tell their friends how bad a certain band sounds in your space?

The average sound level bartenders and staff are exposed to is 89-99 dB, and after adding live venue sound to the mix it could reach well beyond 100-120 dB where the threshold of pain begins and permanent damage starts to occur. While this level of sound may be expected and sometimes even desired for certain performers, without proper treatment it could wreak havoc in your space.

So what’s the key to dialing in your venue’s sound for a wide variety of bands? Maybe you need assistance improving speech intelligibility so bartenders and customers can hear each other? 

No matter what kind of space, size, and acoustical issue you have – Auralex can help! 

Auralex Interviews: Grove Haus

Do you have a unique live music space? Hear Mark Ortwein, co-owner of Grove Haus, speak about the challenges he had in his old, re-purposed church turned venue. Mark needed to create an acoustically balanced environment that would work for live rock, jazz, classical, swing dancing, church services, and piano lessons. Mark received an Auralex Personalized Room Analysis and received a detailed analysis drawing.

"We've had some theater productions in here recently and it's been so much better, you can hear everything much more clearly... We've also had some recordings in here; it's still live, but it's made everything manageable. The sound is controlled now."

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