Room Analysis

Since 1977, Auralex has added significant value by providing acoustical advice with our Personalized Room Analysis Services. We offer several methods to help customers get the proper level of service to meet their unique acoustical demands. Auralex can help solve acoustical issues in any size room, including large room/commercial spaces. As well, we can help provide basic steps for treating a small home studio!

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We like to say "It's not your gear, it's your room." Music Producer and Mixology Studios Founder Bao Pham has put his own spin on it: "Solve your room, solve your problems."



"Our sessions have shown a very nice result from your Auralex products and your recommendations for placement. First rate service, decent pricing, and a great result!" - Jack C. (SVR Record Company, Inc.)

"Noah was very helpful. He gave me a personalized map for my room treatment and walked me through every step of the process. I feel as if he went above and beyond for me. Thank you, Noah!"

"Hi, I am very satisfied, your support was quick and perfect. The room diagram is understandable and clear. Thanks you very much all your help..." - Gyula P.


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