Why does my product have a warning label on it?

California Proposition 65 (Prop 65):

The purpose of California’s Proposition 65 is to help protect the integrity of fresh drinking water sources and provide information to consumers, in California, regarding the potential exposure to harmful chemicals in consumer products. The indirect effect of this legislation is to encourage industry to either lower the levels of or find alternatives to these compounds.

This regulation requires manufacturers, importers and retailers selling products in California to attach warning labels to any product sold in California that contains potentially hazardous chemicals, even if they are present at very low levels. Auralex has already made efforts to reformulate products to replace or reduce the levels of certain chemicals.

If any Proposition 65 listed chemicals are contained in Auralex products, below the safe harbor level established by California, then the concentrations of such Chemicals are very low and are considered safe, thus eliminating the warning requirement.

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