Shipping Delays

The freight industry is suffering long delays that can extend shipping times due to driver shortages, closed terminals, freight backlog, weather delays and COVID19. The delivery dates noted on the freight carrier’s websites are their standard delivery times.  However, given the unusual current conditions, we have experienced deliveries taking 50% to 100% longer than the normal delivery times.  Moreover, guaranteed services are still suspended and will not guarantee delivery by scheduled date.

Dear Customers:

All of our freight carriers are experiencing delivery complications. Two-day deliveries are now taking a week, and three or four day deliveries are taking up to two weeks to deliver. Guaranteed Deliveries are no longer “guaranteed” and none of the freight lines, UPS or FedEx will reimburse you if they miss their deadlines.

Due to COVID, excess freight capacity, lack of personnel, unskilled carriers, etc. these are hindering us from providing prompt delivery service to our customers. For these reasons we are recommending the following:

1. Do not plan your installation starting date until AFTER you receive our material.

2. Do not use guaranteed shipping, with any carrier, unless, you and your client, are prepared for the guaranteed delivery dates to be missed. In addition, there’s no compensation from any carrier for missed delivery dates.

3. Assume that all deliveries will be at least a week or more than usual.

When your material leaves our facility, we have no control over when it will be delivered. We provide all our customers the freight carrier’s contact information and the PRO # to identify your package(s). Once your material ships, you should actively track your packages with the carriers to make sure you know when you will receive the delivery. Please let us know when a carrier is being unresponsive, and we will try to assist you. Hopefully, we will return to reliable carrier service in the near future.


Questions? Comments? Concerns?

We can be reached Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm EST at or (317) 842-2600. We're here to help!