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B-stock, also known as "factory seconds" or "refurbished products," refers to items Auralex sells at a discounted price due to various reasons that might affect their appearance.

The reasons why these products might be classified as B-stock can vary.

  1. Cosmetic defects: These are minor imperfections on the product's surface or packaging, such as scratches, dents, or scuffs. These defects do not impact the product's functionality but might make it less visually appealing.

  2. Open-box returns: Items that were returned for various reasons can be resold as B-stock, even if the product is in like-new condition.

  3. Quality control issues: Some products might have minor defects or failed quality control checks during the manufacturing process but are still perfectly functional.

  4. Demo units: Products used for demonstrations, displays, or product testing in stores or trade shows might be sold as B-stock once they are no longer needed.

It's essential to note that while B-stock products may have minor issues, they are fully functional and come with a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

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