Vocal Booth

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OK, so you know you need acoustic treatment to help control sound in your vocal booth, but where do you start? Auralex has been helping people design their studios, large or small for over 40 years. Download our FREE RLX (Room Layout eXpress) App (Apple iOS) for more information about your treatment options. Follow the steps below to set up your room’s monitors and listening position.

Where Does the Treatment Actually Go?

Unlike a larger room being treated for listening or live instruments, a vocal booth (or isolation booth), has one purpose: to record a solo voice (or instrument). For this reason, the placement of panels is less about where they are and more about the overall effectiveness and total coverage. A very common misconception about vocal booths is that they should have 100% of their walls and ceiling with acoustic material. The truth is we usually recommend about 50-80% coverage depending on the type of booth you are building. What you plan to use the booth for is very important to determine the amount of coverage necessary. Here are some examples: If you are only recording vocals or voice over, 50% coverage will clean up recordings without leaving the room overly “dead”-sounding. On the other hand if you are building a guitar iso room, you will need more treatment for the broader band of frequencies. Just like any other room, it is always best to start treatment at about waist height and continue to at least ear height. However, in a smaller space like a vocal booth, upper corners and ceiling treatment are even more important, so make sure to have sufficient coverage in those areas. Also, don’t forget to treat the ceiling, especially directly above the sound source and/or listening position.

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