Business Offices

Whether you have a conference room, a call center, a set of cubicles, or a home office, controlling the acoustics in your space can create a more professional and focused sounding environment. Proper absorption can improve your phone call quality, reduce stress, and increase intelligibility by controlling unwanted reverberations within your room.

What’s Different About a Conference Room/Office Space?

These types of facilities are actually some of the easiest spaces to treat acoustically since they are usually singular purpose spaces. For most applications, only one type of product is necessary: Absorption. Traditionally speaking, businesses need easily-installed products with professional aesthetics and most importantly, must carry a Class A Fire-Rating. We recommend our ProPanels as an all-encompassing solution for these applications.

 Treat Yourself! 3 Steps for Acoustic Treatment 

    1. Wall Absorption: Regardless of the height of your room, you’re going to want to absorb from sitting level to standing height throughout the space. Starting 30”-36” off the ground and treating to 6’6” – 7’ height will address immediate reflections off of the walls in your room while people communicate. We additionally recommend off-setting treatment on opposite walls so the treatment is not parallel. This helps reduce locational “slap-back” echo depending on where you stand within the room. Absorption should be spread out 2’ to 3’ on average. If you have a tall room, consider scattering some extra ProPanels higher on the walls to help absorb the noise bouncing up and down the height of the room.
    2. Ceiling Treatment: Avoiding both lighting and sprinkler systems is the main difficulty with ceiling treatment in commercial spaces. Hang ProPanel Ceiling Panels down to help control first reflections off the ceiling when possible. These can be spread out to achieve an ideal 20%-30% coverage and locating these panels above sound sources (such as people) can add value to the panel. If you have a drop tile ceiling, absorption products like our T-Coustic Ceiling Tiles can be slid and dropped into the grid to provide a quick, clean, and out of the way solution.
    3. Consider Your Needs: Is there a large glass window that makes one wall un-treatable? Consider extra absorption on the opposite wall. Does your sprinkler and/or lighting system not permit hanging absorption panels? Flush mount absorption to the ceiling with Snap-On Anchors. Feel free to make necessary adjustments so the room is aesthetically professional and comfortable to use. 

Don’t Know Where to Start?

We have a quick solution! Our Room Layout eXpress (RLX) is a well-formulated calculator to help you find the right amount of acoustic treatment for your space. From there, you can follow this guide to find the best locations in the room to apply acoustic treatment.


Ready For More Information? We Can Help!

Want to know more about your options? Auralex is the industry-leading Acoustics company and one of the oldest and most respected companies in the business. Since 1977, we have helped thousands of people with their unique acoustic needs in all kinds of facilities from auditoriums to bedroom studios. Our highly trained staff is available for phone support to answer questions. If you have some basic measurements and information about your space try our RLX Room Layout eXpress App!

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