How do I treat my room without damaging my walls with adhesives?

For those looking to install Studiofoam without damaging the drywall, here are four main suggestions:

a. MAX-Wall™ / ProMAx V2 Or other Portable Treatment Options.

Auralex offers a wide variety of stand-mounted, interconnecting, expandable, acoustical treatment systems through our MAX-Wall series. MAX-Wall panels are 48” wide by 20” high by 4.25” thick acoustical panels that can be mounted to standard microphone stands. Each panel has a male and a female end-lock that allows interconnectivity between panels. MAX-Stands are included with most MAX-Wall Kits. The stands include extenders that allow you to mount up to four (4) panels on each stand and clamps that allow you to adjust the height of the panels up to roughly eight feet. The basic MAX-Wall Kit – the MAX-Wall 420 – comes with four (4) MAX-Wall panels and two (2) MAX-Stands. The numbering system for the Kits is such that the first number is the number of MAX-Wall Panels, the second the number of MAX-Stands and the third the number of MAX-Wall Window Units. (E.g., a MAX-Wall 521 has five (5) panels, two (2) MAX-Stands and one (1) Window Unit.) Window Units are single MAX-Wall panels with a roughly 18” x 12” hole die-cut in the middle that snugly fits the included Plexiglas window. MAX-Wall Window Units can be purchased separately. Standard MAX-Wall Kits include the 200, 211, 420, 521, 633, 831 and 1141VB (Vocal Booth). The 1141VB comes with another MAX-Wall accessory, the Corner Coupler. The Corner Coupler allows for angles up to 90° between panels and can be purchased separately. For complete descriptions and detailed applications of all MAX-Wall products and accessories (including four foot tall Stand-Mounted LENRDs), please click here.

b. TEMP•Tabs™ Mounting Kit.

In the interest of helping customers achieve professional quality acoustical control without severely damaging walls with adhesives – i.e., for temporary treatment applications – we offer TEMP•Tabs™ Mounting Kits. Each Kit comes complete with 22”x22” Cor-X panels (durable, corrugated plastic panels), TEMP•Tabs™ and Tubetak adhesive. (Studiofoam sold separately.) Simply cut your Studiofoam panels into 24”x24” squares (diamonds) using an electric carving knife, glue them to the Cor-X and Velcro them to the wall! Now you have removable wall treatments. When it comes time to move, simply remove the Velcro coins from the wall using a putty knife, spackle and you’re done! What could be easier? (Note: Mounting 4” Studiofoam (or thicker) to a ceiling using TEMP•Tabs™ is not recommended unless extra Velcro is used.)

c. T-Pins.

Many of our customers have found success using ”T” pins to mount Studiofoam and other Auralex products. T-pins are available from fabric stores and department stores (usually in the arts and crafts section). They are 1-½” to 1-¾” long pins with a ”T” shaped head. Simply place a T-pin in the valley of a Studiofoam product and gently push or tap into place until the ”T” is barely visible. Usually four (4) to six (6) T-pins can hold a Studiofoam panel on the wall. More T-pins may be required to mount heavier materials (such as LENRDS) and mounting to the ceiling may result in some sagging. Also, one drawback to using T-pins is putting holes in what may be a very well-isolated wall or ceiling construction.

d. ”Backing Boards.”

Many customers have developed their own method of mounting Studiofoam to the walls. For example, one user nailed 2’x4′ pegboard panels to the wall and then glued 3” Studiofoam to the pegboard. Pegboard cut into 2’x1′ pieces allowed for the same type of mounting of LENRDs in corners. Just about anything can be used that’s lightweight; pegboard, masonite, luan, plywood, foamcore, Cor-X, etc. The key is to mount the backing boards to the wall such that they can be easily removed – Velcro strips, nails, hooks, etc.