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Your food may be great... but how does your Restaurant SOUND?

“Over 70 percent of those surveyed avoid restaurants that are too loud. The results were similar in New York City, as well as nationally.” – Zagat Diner Survey

Acoustics Matter to Customers

Although your customers may not use the term or be aware of the science behind the problem – A quick search for “Great Food, but just too loud” will return multiple pages of reviews of users. Unsurprisingly, even many of the top eatery customer rating sites and apps use “Noise Level” as a metric in a user overall starred rating. According to a 2014 Zagat survey of Boston restaurant goers found: “…restaurant noise level to be the number-one irritant about dining out, more irksome than service and price, according to online survey results.”

“Restaurants are louder than ever. All that racket impacts more than dinnertime conversation.” – Indy Star

Even here in Auralex’s hometown of Indianapolis restaurants and restaurant-goers have noticed the trend of noisy eateries. According to an article by Indianapolis’ local paper Indy Star’s has this to say: “Complaints about noisy restaurants started rising about a decade ago as fine dining’s tablecloths, carpeting and soft music succumbed to striped-down, urban industrial atmospheres where blaring tunes and bar dining are usually de rigueur.” As the number of Millennials (people born from approximately 1977-1995) has recently surpassed Baby Boomers as the current largest living generation restaurants have tried their best to attract them with loud, exciting spaces. But the article goes on further to suggest that a larger group of customers’ tastes are changing, possibly even a sizable amount of the younger generations.

“…But I Want to Maintain a Lively Atmosphere!”  Sound Control ≠ Silence!

We hear arguments like this quite frequently. It is important to note that there is a world of difference between creating a pleasing environment where people can talk without shouting and an acoustically isolated vocal booth. Adding absorption to your ceiling and/or walls will NOT silence your space. When acoustical panels are properly placed, and evenly spread out the space will gain a more controlled, natural sound.


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