Auralex Rewards

Become an X-Bucks Member Today!

How Do X-Bucks Work? It’s simple. It works like many other rewards programs. You accrue X-Bucks, which can then be used to purchase the great Auralex products you’ve come to know and love. 

Easy wato remember: redeeming 100 X-Bucks equals $1 toward any purchase.   

How Do You Earn X-Bucks? Any number of ways. Here’s a few easy ways to get started today: 

• Sign up for an Auralex account.  Boom – that's 500 X-Bucks. 
• Like/Follow Auralex on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. That’s 250 X-Bucks for each, 750 in all. 
• Celebrate your birthday. You’ll get 500 X-Bucks just for your special day. 
In addition, you’ll receive 2 X-Bucks for every $1 spent on Auralex products. 

In order to use your X-Bucks, just sign into your Auralex account and click on the Crown in the bottom left corner of the page! From there it will walk you through how to earn and how to redeem!

Under the X-Bucks Referral Program, if you share a link, anyone who clicks on it and orders will receive $5 off their first purchase. In return, you’ll receive 500 X-Bucks for every referral purchase.

We’re excited to offer this rewards program and hope we can make you a customer for life.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!