Aesthetic Trends, Acoustic Expertise: Preview Five Innovative Auralex® Products that Tap into Each

Aesthetic Trends, Acoustic Expertise: Preview Five Innovative Auralex® Products that Tap into Each

Posted by Auralex on 2nd Jun 2022

Synergy Panels™, Fusion Panels™, DIY Kits, EcoTech™ Panels, Revamped T'Fusors™ Provide Feast for Eyes, Ears at The NAMM Show.

ANAHEIM, California (JUNE 2, 2022) — Auralex® Acoustics is taking the floor this year at The NAMM Show in Anaheim, loaded with previews of what acoustics customers are demanding. Synergy Panels™, Fusion Panels™, DIY Panels™, EcoTech™ Panels and three new T'Fusor™ 3D Sound Diffusor finishes will be the sneak peak headliners from the authority in acoustic innovations for 45 years. Auralex will be located at ACC North Level 1 Booth #15320 in the Anaheim Convention Center June 3-5 for NAMM 2022.

"Acoustics customers, more than ever before, are as discerning about the aesthetics of their spaces as they are the way they sound," says Auralex Acoustics Founder & President Eric Smith. "These products being previewed at The NAMM Show mark the next era for Auralex by presenting highly-effective acoustical materials in new forms that are forward-focused, visually-appealing and meet demands of the ever-changing marketplace. Auralex has long supported NAMM and The NAMM Show and their collective mission to grow the music industry and provide an unmatched stage for us to showcase our breakthroughs and innovations."

The new products will be displayed in Anaheim alongside a host of other industry-leading acoustical offerings, including the Portable Vocal Booth (of which Auralex is the exclusive North American Distributor), ProPanel™ acoustic absorption panels, ProMAX™ V2 portable acoustic absorption panels, ProPOD™ & ProPOD™ Lite Acoustic Decouplers and much more.

Fusion Panels™

  • Diffusion and absorption in one panel
  • Helps control spectral balance by eliminating over-absorption of high frequencies
  • The unique, modern design of Fusion Panels will improve the aesthetics of any room
  • Expected to Launch: 3rd Quarter

DIY Panels™

  • Affordable, fast, easy to build and aesthetically pleasing in an array of fabric options
  • The 2'x4' piece of Auralex® Mineral Fiber acoustical core provides excellent, full-frequency absorption
  • The proprietary frame is engineered to maximize absorption while providing strength and flexion control
  • Engineered vents maximize absorption while keeping strength and rigidity
  • Expected to Launch: in July

Synergy Panels™

  • Our innovative combination of EcoTech™ + Auralex Studiofoam® delivers excellent acoustical absorption
  • Available in a great-for-gaming green screen green, plus black and white
  • Options include 1.7" and 2.7" thickness and 2'x2' and 2'x4' sizes
  • Expected to Launch: 3rd Quarter

EcoTech™ Panels

  • Your images printed beautifully on a framed, affordable 2'x2' or 2'x3' acoustical panel
  • Proprietary frame positions the acoustical core for optimal performance
  • Easy to assemble and simple to mount
  • Expected to Launch: in July

T'Fusor™ 3D Sound Diffusors

  • Industry-leading diffusion in three new top-shelf finishes: Carbon Fiber, Racing Red and Matte Black
  • Expected to Launch: in July

NAMM, also known as the National Association of Music Merchants, has a mission to strengthen the music products industry and promote the pleasures and benefits of making music. The annual NAMM Show is billed as the global crossroads of the music products, sound and entertainment technology industries. The event attracts over 115,000 registrants from 130 countries and regions.


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