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Class A per ASTM-84


Auralex Acoustics, Inc. (“Auralex”) warrants to the original purchaser (“you”) t…


Auralex Acoustics, Inc. (“Auralex”) warrants to the original purchaser (“you”) that Auralex’s products will perform to published specifications and will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal application, installation, use and service conditions for a period of ninety (90) days* from the date of purchase. Upon the return of defective product or component prior to the expiration of the warranty period, Auralex will, at its option, repair the defective product or component or replace it with a comparable product or component. For more information, go to our Support tab at the top and select Warranty.


SonoFiber™ is the perfect solution for those budget-conscious projects, requiring a Class A fire-rating, without the aesthetic demands of designer treatments such as fabric-covered panels. SonoFiber™ is a good absorber, ideal for nightclubs, restaurants, gymnasiums, houses of worship, multi-purpose rooms and any other commercial or industrial environment where aesthetic concerns are secondary to performance and safety. Due to it's flexibility, SonoFiber™ makes it easy to install on irregular surfaces, and for filling cavities on corner-spanning panels. It is best used in overhead applications that are out-of-reach (not ceiling grids). SonoFiber™ is a natural fiber, acoustic, absorptive material that is is available in 1″ Panels. 

It is best applied with a mixture of Tubetak Pro™ Liquid Adhesive and Foamtak™ Adhesive Spray or with mechanical fasteners.


  • Lower cost per square foot
  • Sound absorption coefficients equal to or better than 2″ thick melamine products
  • A flexible form that will not puncture or break like melamine panels
  • Safe, easy, dust-free installations
  • Meets ASTM-E84 Class A Fire Rating*


  • Available Sizes and Colors: 1″ x 24″ x 48″ – In Charcoal, Beige, Gray, & White
Thickness  Density 125Hz  250Hz 500Hz 1KHz  2KHz 4KHz  Overall NRC
1” (2’x4′ Panel) 3lb./cf. 0.08  0.31 0.79 1.01 1.00 0.99 0.80
2” (25′ Roll) 1.5 lb./cf. 0.35 0.94 1.32 1.22 1.06 1.03 1.15


*While many Auralex products are fire retardant and/or self extinguishing to varying extents, we cannot guarantee that any product meets the specific building code regulations in your area as regulations widely vary from place to place. Check with you local fire marshal or building inspector for approval prior to purchasing or installing any of our products. Auralex will not be held liable for property damage or injuries caused by misuse of our products.

  • If your installation is a commercial application we recommend that you only consider those products that have a documented fire rating meeting a specific standard. Since local fire codes are not harmonized and are not applied in a uniform manner by local inspectors there is no guarantee of passing inspection.
  • Because of this we recommend checking with your local fire marshal or building inspector regarding which specific test standards will be accepted prior to purchasing our product.
  • We can provide fire test reports for many of our fire rated products performed by certified third party testing facilities.

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SonoFiber™ Spec Sheet | Commercial Product Spec Sheet