DIY Frame and Fabric

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(1) DIY Frame, Hardware and Black Fabric (assembly required)
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Addressing the do-it-yourself market, the Auralex DIY Panel provides an affordable price, quick assembly, tasteful aesthetic, and maximum performance.

It's no secret that many consumers enjoy the building and construction process. For those looking to build their absorption panels without sacrificing performance, Auralex Acoustics has launched the DIY Frame and DIY Absorption Panel Kits. Unlike other DIY absorption panels, the Auralex DIY Absorption Frame fits a full 2' x 4' panel of mineral fiber or fiberglass without the need to cut to size and sacrifice absorption and investment. In addition, the DIY Absorption frame has proprietary venting on all sides to maximize absorption without sacrificing structural integrity.

Various options are available, including acoustically transparent fabric choices and absorptive-core choices.  "By providing the customer with lab-tested acoustically transparent fabric and acoustical cores, Auralex ensures the customer's panel achieves maximum absorption across the audible frequency range," says Eric Smith, Founder and President of Auralex Acoustics.

DIY Absorption Frame + Fabric

• Includes the DIY Frame plus acoustically transparent fabric of choice

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