Seizing Opportunities to Innovate and Collaborate

Seizing Opportunities to Innovate and Collaborate

Posted by Auralex on 9th Nov 2021

Much more than a trade show, InfoComm is a high-octane opportunity for audio/visual businesses like Auralex to connect with potential professional-level customers and companies in allied fields. Just as importantly, InfoComm serves as an innovation hub to showcase new technology and exchange ideas to keep us where we need to be — at the head of the pack.

Another InfoComm bonus: Media attention! It’s well-known that one of the most dangerous places to be is between our CEO Dave Pedigo and a camera, so coverage from the likes of AV Nation and others is quite welcome.

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Dave sat down with host Tim Albright to talk about some products we featured at the show — SonicPrint™ Artistic Acoustical Panels, the all-new ProPOD™ Acoustic Decouplers, ProPanels™ and ProBanners™, for example — and some recent, one-of-a-kind projects we were involved with like a Kansas Jayhawk-themed installation and a former industrial space in Buffalo, New York that was transformed into an event center. Our expertise and products reduced the reverb time in the glass and brick-heavy building from 8.95 seconds to a mere 2.89 seconds, as you can see in this stunning unmanned aerial vehicle footage: