New ProPOD Lite™ Acoustic Decoupler Signals Another Sonic Quality Advancement for Auralex

New ProPOD Lite™ Acoustic Decoupler Signals Another Sonic Quality Advancement for Auralex

Posted by Auralex on 20th Oct 2021

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INDIANAPOLIS | October 20th, 2021 

Auralex Debuts ProPOD Lite™ Acoustic Decouplers

Following a rigorous, multi-year research and development process, Auralex Acoustics has unveiled the ProPOD Lite™ Acoustic Decoupler. Designed to reduce coloration, increase clarity and purify the sound output from devices including loudspeakers, subwoofers and turntables, the ProPOD Lite Acoustic Decoupler is an elegant solution to cut down or eliminate unwanted, microscopic vibrations that muddy the finer details of audio. ProPOD Lite is the second release in the ProPOD series, with more advancements slated for launch in the coming months. 

“Auralex is committed to offering best-in-class solutions to improve any listening environment, and the ProPOD Lite represents the next phase in our robust slate of decouplers,” says Auralex Founder and President Eric Smith. “ProPOD Lite provides exceptional versatility and the ever-growing ProPOD lineup provides the right balance of isolation and support at a great price. Combining an elegant, compact design with a space-age material, ProPOD Lites are made for showcasing crystal-clear detail and articulation.” 

The debut of the ProPOD Lite Acoustic Decoupler comes on the heels of the July release of the line’s flagship, the ProPOD™ Acoustic Decoupler, which are precision engineered to decouple monitors and other audio equipment weighing between 50 pounds or less. The ProPOD Lite is designed to isolate components weighing 30 pounds or less. Auralex plans to release additions to the innovative ProPOD line in due course. 

ProPOD Lites are available in packs that contain four or eight cylindrical, viscoelastic-polymer shock absorbers. The four-packs decouple any monitor, subwoofer, loudspeaker, turntable or other noise-generating component 30 pounds or less — regardless of size and shape. The eight packs will decouple any two monitors, subwoofers, loudspeakers, turntables or other noise-generating components 30 pounds or less — regardless of size and shape. ProPOD Lite Acoustic Decouplers are sold in matte black. Sets of four retail for $45.99 and sets of eight retail for $71.99 at all Auralex retailers, including, Sweetwater and B&H. 

For more information on these and other Auralex products, please check out the ProPOD™ product page, this video about the namesake product of the ProPOD brand or contact our support team via or 1-800-959-3343.