Demand, Investment in R&D Drive Auralex to New HQ

Demand, Investment in R&D Drive Auralex to New HQ

Posted by Auralex on 17th Dec 2021

With demand popping and markets throughout the United States, Canada and beyond calling for spaces that sound better, Auralex has outgrown our current Indianapolis headquarters. Our move, while not massive in distance, will provide a major spark to research and development efforts, marketing initiatives and better leverage our logistical advantages domestically and globally.

"The bottom line is we've outgrown our current building and the planets have aligned for us to upgrade our Indianapolis facilities," says Auralex Chief Executive Officer Dave Pedigo. "We're seeing significant increases in new verticals like healthcare, work-from-home setups and a recent return from markets related to the commercial world after about an 18-month hiatus."

In addition to growth, Pedigo says the new Auralex Global Headquarters at 8802 Bash Street Suite A, Indianapolis, Indiana 46256 will boost R&D during a critical time in the ever-changing world of acoustics. "Carving out dedicated research and development space in the new building is another sign of Auralex's evolution," Pedigo adds. "While our results will always be verified by third parties, our ability to provide real-world testing of real-world acoustics in our own carefully-crafted space represents another way Auralex stands out from all others."

Additional features of the new headquarters include purposeful space for a growing Auralex marketing team and a layout that will help the Auralex logistics and fulfillment team more efficiently segment different product lines, contributing to even better service to all markets.

"While the move has been a long time in the making, customers should not notice any disruptions," Pedigo emphasizes.

All movement and improvements to the Indianapolis operations are expected to be complete by the end of 2021.