Auralex® Debuts Fusion24™ Acoustical Tuning Absorption Faceplates

Auralex® Debuts Fusion24™ Acoustical Tuning Absorption Faceplates

2nd Apr 2024

Auralex® Debuts Fusion24™ Acoustical Tuning Absorption Faceplates

- Great Add-on to existing panels and an updated design option -

Auralex Acoustics, Inc., the world's leading brand of acoustical treatments, is pleased to announce the new Fusion24™ Acoustical Tuning Absorption Faceplates.

Fusion is defined as the merging of different elements into a union. A fusion of absorption and diffusion acoustical products combines the benefits of both acoustical treatment methods to create a comprehensive solution for managing sound within a space. The Auralex Fusion24 line of acoustical add-on faceplates are designed to add a distinctive aesthetic touch to traditional absorption panels while purposefully shaping the absorption performance. Higher frequencies are reflected or scattered, while midrange and lower frequencies are still absorbed. Depending on your room's acoustical signature and purpose and the desired effect, you can add a Fusion24 panel to all your room's treatment panels or to just a strategically placed couple of panels.


  • Hybrid Solution: Combine absorption materials and diffusion patterns within the same panel.
  • Tuned Design: Engineered to provide specific absorption and diffusion characteristics.
  • Aesthetic Integration: Enhance the visual appeal of your acoustical treatment to seamlessly blend into various architectural and interior design styles.
  • Modularity and Placement: Flexible installation, allowing users to strategically place Fusion24 faceplates to achieve the desired balance of absorption and diffusion based on the room's specific acoustical requirements.
  • Broad Frequency Response: Addresses a broad range of frequencies, ensuring effective control across the audible spectrum.
  • Available in 24" x 48" overlays for existing wall panels or ordered with new Auralex ProPanel™ Wall Panels.
  • Available panel designs – Stasis, Reflection, Cosmos, Arecibo, Rain, Circuit and Breath
  • Available panel finishes – Two-sided Ash/Pear Wood, One-sided Black or White