U-Boat™ Floor Floaters

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U-Boat™ Floor Floater side view
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Made of a specially-formulated silicone compound, the new generation of U-Boat(Patent Pending) Floor Floaters are our proprietary U-shaped channels used to support framing members and float (isolate and decouple) them from the surrounding structure. With a new and improved engineered design and look, with the help of U-Boats™, a floated room features greatly-improved transmission loss (isolation) and low frequency definition (translated: a tight, floated room will always sound better!).


The new, unique shape has six notched grooves and a reengineered compound enabling reduced surface area contact, and a optimal compressive ratio, significantly reducing the transmission of vibrational energy. The patent pending shape allows the channels to bulge, providing lateral support, but ensuring minimum joist contact. These features and their superior effectiveness makes them the best floor floater on the market. Built with tall side walls, U-Boats are incredibly easy to install on a floor joist. Due to variances in dimensional lumber thicknesses, U-boats can be stapled or nailed to one side of a joist to make installation easier. A spacing of 1’ 6” is recommended for most situations.

The newly designed U-boats are now purple, with a printed logo, to easily identify the precision engineered and manufactured Auralex U-boats from the cheap, ineffective knockoffs that have flooded the market. U-Boats™ are the industry’s most effective floating floor solution and are much easier to use than those exorbitant “pucks” that have been used in the past.

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  • Size: 2 1/8″ wide x 1 1/2″ high x 2″ long, Inner Dimension: 1 1/2″ wide, Each U-Boat™ weighs 65 grams
  • Thickness: sides=5/16″ and base=1/2″
  • Color: Purple
  • Box Quantity: Available in lots of 50 or 300

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