Platter Matter™ V2

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Platter Matter™ V2
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If a manufacturing defect occurs within five (5) years of the date of purchase, …


If a manufacturing defect occurs within five (5) years of the date of purchase, return the device to Auralex along with proof of purchase and the device will be replaced at no cost and with free shipping anywhere in the USA. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by the owner. The Platter Matter™ V2's proprietary formulation requires no special care, but you may gently vacuum the Platter Matter V2 or wipe it with a barely damp cloth. We discourage the use of solvents that might harm the device, as any damage caused would not be covered by the warranty and could degrade the Platter Matter V2's performance characteristics.


The world has come to its senses and has fully embraced vinyl again as a preferred listening medium. While vinyl can be a terrific listening experience, it is important to make sure your turntable is retrieving all the information on the LP and ignoring the noise that can taint your audio.  By simply replacing your existing turntable mat with the Platter Matter V2, you'll instantly hear more of your album and hear it better.

The Platter Matter V2’s inert, highly optimized composition calms your records, providing superior isolation from motor rumble and noises, as well as floor-born vibration and airborne acoustical sound – including feedback in live settings – that would otherwise destroy the articulation and soundstage that are present in your records, but too often unheard.

There's no easier, quicker or more affordable way to upgrade the sound of your vinyl. 

Hear all of the sound you're paying for. Get a Platter Matter v2 today!

Free shipping within the contiguous United States.

Instructions: Remove your turntable mat and replace it with the Auralex Platter Matter v2. If your turntable has tonearm adjustment capability, adjust it so that your tonearm is parallel to the record surface after implementing the Platter Matter V2.

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