What Happens When Auralex and Tony Succar Collaborate?

What Happens When Auralex and Tony Succar Collaborate?

Posted by Auralex on 20th Aug 2020

Tony Succar, the Latin Grammy-winning producer and percussionist, recently transformed a space at his parent’s home in his hometown of Miami, Fla., into a percussion and performance studio.

The space was formally used by Succar’s father, Antonio, himself a pianist, to rehearse with his bandmates. It was relegated to storage for a few years, but with the COVID-19 quarantine hitting, Succar took the opportunity to utilize the room again.

It was a substantial project. Cleaning the space revealed mold that had to removed. New insulation and walls were then installed. “It’s another room for lots of creativity and plenty of secrets,” Succar said.

Guided by a blueprint from Auralex experts on where to put everything, Succar put in the treatments, which include SonoFlat panels and Geofusor diffusors for the ceiling, LENRD bass traps for the corners, T’Fusor 3D sound diffusors and TruTrap absorber panels.

Succar and his crew even enjoyed the fumes from the Foamtak adhesive spray to great comic effect (do not try this at home).

In a YouTube video posted this week, Succar showed the transformation of the room. He also demonstrates the profound need for acoustical treatments. Succar and his friend Raúl Stefano sang and drummed before everything was installed and then after. The change was palatable. “You can really hear the difference all these products make,” he said.

Auralex is proud to partner with a great artist like Succar, the ultimate brand ambassador. He will be joining us to discuss this project and much more on a future “Auralex Creative Spaces” podcast episode, so subscribe now!