Creative Spaces Podcast: Episode #6 with Nile Wright

Creative Spaces Podcast: Episode #6 with Nile Wright

Posted by Auralex on 13th Oct 2020

In this week’s episode, Kevin and Robb talk to Nile Wright, co-host of the podcast “It Gets Weird” and beloved Auralex staff member!

“It Gets Weird” is a podcast about strange conspiracy theories, of which there is no shortage. “At the time of this recording, we’ve done 214 episodes, and we have yet to scratch the surface,” Wright said. “We have yet to actually do a JFK [assassination] episode.”

Wright gives his advice for those who want to begin podcasting, including doing some test recording for the first five or so episodes. He also recommends being loose and flexible in the format until you find something that works. “Totally experiment around until you’ve got something you’re happy with,” Wright said. “Don’t be afraid to trash an audio file if it doesn’t really work.”

After initially starting slow (typical for most podcasts), “It Gets Weird” has blossomed, averaging around 8,000 downloads a month now. One of the most interesting episodes concerns Route 666 and the conspiracies surrounding the naming conventions of U.S. highways.

Even 200-plus episodes in, however, Wright finds the podcast continues to grow. One such moment occurred when he was chastised by a pagan listener who objected to the joking tone of their Wiccan episode. “It gave me kind of a wake-up call that there are people out there that my words are actually something people consume and care about,” he said. “Ever since then, I ask myself, ‘Am I going into this in the right spirit? Am I taking potshots at people who don’t deserve it?’”

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