Creative Spaces Podcast: Episode #3 with Steve Marcantonio

Creative Spaces Podcast: Episode #3 with Steve Marcantonio

Posted by Auralex on 1st Sep 2020

In his long and distinguished career, Grammy-winning recording engineer Steve Marcantonio has worked with artists who need no introduction: John Lennon. Aerosmith. Taylor Swift. Dolly Parton. He has similarly worked at legendary studios: Record Plant, where he got his start under the late Roy Cicala; and Blackbird Studio in Nashville, where he also provides instruction to aspiring engineers at its Blackbird Academy.

Cicala, who presided over the creation of more than 10 platinum records in his nearly 50-year career, took a liking to Marcantonio and taught him the ropes, though nothing came easy. “I started from the bottom,” Marcantonio said. “I cleaned the rooms, I made sure all the supplies were there. I did everything I had to do, and then I hung out later in the lounge, just waiting for people who needed help.”

From the moment he entered the studio, Marcantonio knew his path. “As soon as I walked into Record Plant, it was like a drug,” he said. “I was addicted immediately.”

To hear the wide-ranging conversation, download the podcast today! Kevin & Robb talk to Marcantonio about his adoration for the Beatles, his advice for studio engineers just getting their start and much more.

Photo used courtesy of Blackbird Academy.