Creative Spaces Podcast: Episode #13 with Clark Buckner

Creative Spaces Podcast: Episode #13 with Clark Buckner

Posted by Auralex on 28th Jan 2021

In this episode of the Creative Spaces podcast, we talk to Clark Buckner. Clark is co-founder of Nashville-based podcast production agency Relationary Marketing, which works with mid-to-large-sized organizations seeking to leverage podcasting in their content marketing strategies. He has worked with brands like Jack Daniel's and serves national corporate clients in healthcare and technology along with award-winning PR firms, including DVL Seigenthaler. Buckner is also a team member at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, a Nashville-based non-profit that connects entrepreneurs with critical resources to create, launch and grow businesses. As lead organizer of the Nashville Podcasters meetup, Clark's passion is to support new and existing podcasters. Clark joins us from his podcast studio in Nashville, TN.

Clark explains the five most important steps to launch and produce a successful podcast. He also talks about the importance of creating a comfortable "vibe" for your podcast guests and shares an unusual talent he has to make the world a little bit happier.

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