Bao Knows: 'Solve Your Room, Solve Your Problems'

Bao Knows: 'Solve Your Room, Solve Your Problems'

Posted by Auralex on 6th Jul 2022

Producer and Mixology Studios founder Bao Pham puts his own spin on our "It's not the gear, it's your room" adage. If your mix playback isn't delivering the accuracy you need -- maybe it sounds muddy or includes unwanted artifacts -- Bao says "Solve your room, solve your problems."

One of the first steps in making your room sound the best it can is by working with us on a Personalized Room Analysis. It's free and hyper-collaborative. We'll take our more than 40 years of expertise into our easy and detailed consultative process to deliver you a customized plan of attack for your space.

Some questions to consider before you begin your free Personalized Room Analysis:

  • Tell us about your space. Is it: A project studio or live room? An office space or fitness room? A home theater or media room? Some kind of large room or facility? Something else?
  • Show us the dimensions and features of your space. Photos, CAD renderings, architectural drawings... put something precise together to help us understand the details of your unique environment. (Read more about the information you need here).
  • Estimate your budget. We have solutions to fit nearly what you have to spend.
  • How will your space be used? Let's be goal-oriented together.
  • What are your aesthetic ideas? Do you want Studiofoam? Maybe wrapped panels? Maybe portable treatment? We'll help you match your vibe.

Take a couple of minutes to fill out this form and we'll reach back out to you with next steps. Your room + your goals + our expertise = answers for your space.

(Follow Bao at @turnmeupbao and @reacademy on Instagram).