Auralex® Podcast Starter Kit™ - The Podcaster Gift That Keeps On Giving

Auralex® Podcast Starter Kit™ - The Podcaster Gift That Keeps On Giving

Posted by Auralex on 16th Dec 2022

There’s almost nothing worse than a muddy, echoey podcast. Auralex® Acoustics has two solutions to combat poor podcast sound quality. The Podcast Starter Kit and Podcast Starter Kit Plus are easy to install and work well in the types of spaces commonly used for podcasting. Harnessing the power of Studiofoam® Wedgies™, one of Auralex’s most popular sound-absorption solutions, and the DeskMAX™ Home Office, the Podcast Starter Kit and Podcast Starter Kit Plus creates a more professional sound for podcasters in their recording environments.

"The Auralex difference is striking! The tones are much softer, and dulcet. I had no idea it would make this much of a difference in my home studio. The sound is seemingly much warmer and it truly feels more like a studio. And putting it all together was quick and simple! If you’re just starting out as a podcaster or you’ve been doing it for a while, the Auralex acoustic panels will definitely step up your game. You will notice the difference immediately!" - Neil Scott from Recovery Coast to Coast Podcast.

Clarity. Authority. Command.

The Auralex Podcast Starter Kit and Podcast Starter Kit Plus help podcasters deliver a more polished podcast sound. A pure voice emanating clearly and without room tone boosts the emotional bond between the host and listener. The combination of the Podcast Starter Kit and Podcast Starter Kit Plus’s Studiofoam Wedgies, and the recently-launched Auralex DeskMAX Home Office, combats annoying reflections, absorbs unwanted reverb, reduces mic bleed and – most of all – improves vocal clarity, forging an emotional connection with the listener that keeps them engaged.

The Podcast Starter Kit is designed primarily for a single user in need of a moderate acoustical treatment in a small space. The Podcast Starter Kit ($227.99 at includes (16) Studiofoam Wedgies and one DeskMax Home Office panel. For podcasters looking for additional absorption, the Podcast Starter Kit Plus ($314.99 at adds a second DeskMAX Home Office panel to the existing (16) Studiofoam Wedgies and DeskMAX Home Office panel.

The installation process is simple and step-by-step instructions can be viewed above or here. More about the Auralex Podcast Starter Kit and Auralex Podcast Starter Kit Plus can be found at


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