Auralex® Introduces Synergy™ GreenScreen™ Acoustical Absorption Panels

Auralex® Introduces Synergy™ GreenScreen™ Acoustical Absorption Panels

Posted by Auralex on 26th Jan 2024

Auralex Acoustics, Inc. is pleased to announce their new Synergy™ GreenScreen™ Acoustical Absorption Panels. The Synergy™ GreenScreen™ panels are another product released in the Auralex Synergy™ product family. Synergy panels are an innovative combination of Auralex EcoTech™ and Auralex Studiofoam® and deliver excellent acoustical absorption in an economical design.

Synergy™ GreenScreen™ panels are intended for use in video, broadcast, and podcast environments, as well as on-camera streaming, gaming and reaction channels, where a green screen background is needed with the added benefit of acoustical absorption. The 22” x 22” x 1.3" thick panels help eliminate annoying acoustic reflections, flutter-echo, and room noise and provide a usable, easy-to-install green screen that can be placed behind talent within any space.


According to Auralex Acoustics Founder & President Eric Smith, "The Synergy™ GreenScreen™ is inspired by our customers' feedback - they want an acoustically-driven product that could also be used as a Chroma Key green screen backdrop. These new high-performance acoustical panels are designed for video professionals, podcast producers, and YouTube content creators and provide the perfect environment for recording clear audio recordings free from unwanted noise."

  • Available in (6) Pack of Panels or (1) Single Panel
  • 22” x 22” x 1.3” Thickness
  • Our innovative combination of EcoTech™ + Auralex Studiofoam® delivers excellent acoustical absorption
  • NRC of 1.00
  • Available in Chroma Key Green
  • Includes Adhesive backing for easy mounting


Perfect absorption solution for audio/video studios, broadcast facilities, podcasting, on-camera streaming, gaming, reaction channels, and more!

Synergy GreenScreen