Authentic Auralex Studiofoam VS. Fake Foam

Authentic Auralex Studiofoam VS. Fake Foam

Posted by Auralex on 18th May 2020

Our Studiofoam is not just mattress foam cut into wedges. The difference can be heard, felt, and seen in knock-off products many claim to be “as good as” or even be Auralex product itself.

Knock off foams with low performance have several telltale signs:
1. They’re lighter (many as little as half the weight)
2. They’re less dense and easily compressed
3. They primarily absorb high end, with even their bass traps barely reaching into the mid-range
4. They aren’t treated with fire-retardants, which makes their installation a hazard in any location.

Chances are if you see acoustic foam out there for dirt cheap, stray away - it won’t make any acoustical difference, because it is cut out of the same foam as your couch.