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2" Studiofoam Wedge NRC, LENRD NRC, Fire Rating,


2" Studiofoam Wedge NRC:
Fire Rating:
UL 94 HF-1


The Auralex Studio Starter Kit™ offers you a starting point to reduce unwanted slap and flutter echo in your room. It is perfect for small home studios, audio and video editing suites, podcasting spaces, vocal booths and home listening environments. The Studio Starter Kit™ is designed to immediately improve the acoustics of any small to medium-sized room.

Studiofoam® Wedges™ and LENRD® Bass Traps can be mounted to standard drywall with the included EZ-Stick Pro™ Tabs. Be advised that the EZ-Stick Pro™ Tabs are designed for permanent installations and will damage drywall and painted surfaces when removed.

Kit Includes:

  • (8) 2’x2’x2” Studiofoam® Wedges™
  • (4) LENRD® Bass Traps
  • (48) EZ-Stick Pro™ Tabs


Studiofoam® Wedge™ panels reduce mid-high frequency reflections, flutter echo, room ring and excessive reverberation. To maximize performance in a project studio or control room, consider placing the panels at the first reflection points located to the sides, front, rear and ceiling above your listening position. To maximize performance in a live room, consider spacing the panels evenly throughout the room and staggering treatment across parallel surfaces.

LENRD® Bass Traps are designed for the 90 degree corners of a room. To increase performance, place them vertically between adjacent walls and horizontally between a wall and the ceiling.

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Mark the target position on your wall or ceiling where the product will be mounted using small pencil marks, pieces of masking tape or any similar non marring method. Be sure the surface where the EZ-Stick Pro™ Tabs will adhere is free of dirt, dust or other oily contaminants by spot cleaning with rubbing alcohol. (See the EZ-Stick Pro™ Tab User Guide)

Studiofoam® Wedges® and LENRD® Bass Traps use (4) EZ-Stick Pro™ Tabs each.

Remove one of the release layers on the EZ-Stick Pro™ Tabs, and affix it to the rear side of the products perimeter, usually near the corners. Apply firm pressure, and wait about 5 minutes for the adhesive to set.

Remove the second layer of the release paper from each of the EZ-Stick Pro™ Tabs, carefully orient the panels position prior to contact with the wall, then press in place with moderate pressure.

Studio Starter Kit Spec Sheet

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