Nashville Producer Goes ‘Next Level’ with Home Recording Studio

Nashville Producer Goes ‘Next Level’ with Home Recording Studio

Posted by Auralex on 1st Oct 2021

YouTube commenters can be brutally honest (or just plain brutal), which can be a gift and a curse for your content and ego. For Nashville-based producer Steve Kinney, a consistent refrain from his followers was that his space for recording lessons, video podcasts and tracking instruments had what he called a muddiness to it. Kinney, with the help of Auralex, decided to do something about it and -- between a bout of being speechless -- he described the results of his recording room makeover as “amazing.”

“Normally, when I would do my live instrument tracking, I would go to a studio,” Kinney said. “...That adds up over time. And being that I can track live instruments like acoustic guitar and ganjo or banjo here, as well as do vocals… I mean, that work flow is absolutely phenomenal.”

The kicker? Kinney says the setup has saved him money. “The crazy part: for about the cost of renting out a pro, major studio for the day, you can get this entire setup.” 

Kinney takes us through the studio rebuild project and then offers an “A/B” comparison of the space’s sound before the acoustic treatment and after: