RLX™: Room Layout eXpress

Room Layout eXpress™ is now a mobile app!

The RLX™ (Room Layout eXpress™) is an automated acoustic treatment mobile app that is specifically designed to give instantaneous recommendations for various room types. The expanded mobile app now works with rooms up to approximately 8,000 cu. feet depending on the room size. The original web version is designed for small rooms up to ~700 cu. feet and is also still available online at rlx.auralex.com

The app is both easy to use and returns immediate results. To begin, choose “Absorb Sound” or “Block Sound”, then select your “Room Type”. If your room fits more than one, pick the one that best fits your situation. You can also use the “Edit Room” function to view multiple results for the same dimensions previously entered. The kit recommendations are based on both the type of room selected, and the suggested amount of necessary acoustic treatment required based on your specific cubic footage with our comprehensive line of AbsorptionBass Trapping, and Diffusion products.

Take a moment to supply the necessary information and the app will return up to three different options from our popular Studiofoam® Roominator Kits, SonoLite™ Kits, and ProPanel ProKits product families. You are also able to input various types of equipment and gear used in your room. The app will use this information to provide suggestions on applicable ISO Series® Products that can further help your room acoustics.

Interested in making a purchase? The app will provide direct links to the Amazon and Sweetwater Auralex pages. Outside of the US? View our List of International Dealers and Distributors to find your closest authorized Auralex Distributor. If you would like to have a permanent copy of your room results and more information, simply use the form on the app to have them emailed to you. 

The original web version is designed for small rooms up to ~700 cu. feet and is also still available online at rlx.auralex.com. 


Questions or Comments? Send a message to RLX™ Support: support@auralex.com

Thanks for your interest in the Auralex RLX™!