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In 2008, longtime colleagues Joel Singer, John Harris, Mitch Maketansky, and Jay Vicari founded Music Mix Mobile (M3) with a goal to provide state-of-the-art remote recording and live broadcast services.

Since then, the company has provided services for the Grammy Awards, the CMA Awards, the Tony Awards, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, iHeart Radio Music Awards, the Emmy Awards and more. All of that has resulted in a few of their own honors, including GRAMMY, Emmy, TEC and Canadian Emmy awards. 

When M3 decided to grow their fleet of remote-production trucks, they turned to Auralex for acoustical treatments to outfit their new Phoenix Truck. Auralex ProPanel™ absorption panels, custom-made to fit inside the truck’s mixing interior space, were installed to create an accurate listening environment. DST-LENRD™ Bass Traps were installed behind the front wall panels for additional low-frequency control. According to Joel Singer, “With a complete overhaul inside and out, and the hard work of a diligent staff, we enthusiastically christen this redesigned facility Phoenix. We are happy to offer its’ use to our clients across the United States and Canada. Thanks for your help Auralex!”

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