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Kayleigh Moyer came from Syracuse, NY, to Nashville to study and play drums, and she’s done plenty of both, including work with Big & Rich, Keith Urban and her own band, Reignite. She recently created a personal recording studio and acoustical treatment products from Auralex have enabled her to have not only an acoustically valid place to work but great-looking space, too.

“I’ve been using the HoverMat on tour under my kit, so naturally I wanted the heavier HoverDeck for the studio,” she says. “But once I saw how many options that Auralex offers, and the kind of online help they can provide, I was able to make the studio look, feel and sound just the way I wanted it to.”

Moyer does live sessions at the studio to augment the remote sessions she’s been doing, and also uses the studio to create instructional videos and social media content. “The control room and the two tracking rooms have to look good for that, because I’m teaching drummers how to make their drums sound good in their home studios,” she says. “Fortunately, Auralex’s products look as good as they sound.” That includes the Sustain Lens diffusor she uses above the drum kit. “I use it to help diffuse the sound of the cymbals, and it does a great job at that, but it’s made from bamboo and it also looks great up there,” she says.

Other treatment products are equally as pleasing to the eye as to the ear. For example, she was able to choose both the colors and the coverings for the SonoLite panels and SonoLite Cloud units she placed in the tracking room. “I literally picked the paint and the carpeting colors out around them,” she says. “Auralex had everything I needed to make this studio exactly what I wanted it to be.”

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