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Ed Victor is one of the top voiceover artists in the industry. Ed’s client list includes DreamWorks Pictures, Verizon, Buick, Credit Suisse Bank, Hooters Restaurants, XM Satellite Radio, Toyota, Xerox, Nissan, TGI Fridays, Audi, JC Penney, OnStar and many more top clients. He’s well respected among other voice talents and has a sizable online following, including thousands of members in his LinkedIn voiceover group.

Ed has been trusting his sound to Auralex for years and recently implemented some additional Auralex products in his control room and isolation booth to help take his sound to the next level. Auralex is proud to be a part of Ed Victor’s successful studio, which he talks about in the video he posted on his site and YouTube. Learn more about Ed’s voiceover work at!

Check out this article from 'The Big Gun' about recording on the road!

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