Craig Fuller

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Craig Fuller was a founding member of the folk-rock group Pure Prairie League in 1970. Fuller was with the group for its first two albums, leaving in 1972. In 1976, Craig joined American Flyer, which made two albums, after which Fuller teamed up with singer/songwriter Eric Kaz, also a member of American Flyer, for a 1978 duo album. In 1988, Fuller joined a reunited edition of Little Feat. Today Craig enjoys being off the road and spending time with his wife and four children in North Carolina.


Auralex: Why music? Where did you start playing, learning, and defining yourself as a musician? 

CF: Because I couldn’t not do music and it was the best way to have girls like me. (Part B) I Got my first guitar when I was nine, but I was quite a jock/sportsman until I was about 14 so the first guitar just laid around the house until I started watching a show on television called ”Hootenanny”(sp?) in which the likes of Bob Dylan, Peter,Paul and Mary, Joan Baez, Judy Collins and Pete Seger would go to a different college every week and sing a combination of traditional folk songs and protest songs. I think the show ran about ’61,’62 something like that. And then the Beatles arrived in America about the same time. I had a little transistor radio that would pick up the good stations in Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, etc. when they increased their wattage after dark so I was up on the charting Motown stuff as well as the Beachboys and the Surfers. The first Band I saw live was the Kingsmen in their original incarnation, and then Paul Revere and the Raiders.


Auralex: In the scope of all your great musical experiences, is there one that stands above the others, that is the most personally rewarding?

CF: Probably being in ”Little Feat”; it’s a joy to be in a great band with great people playing great music. I always got a big charge out of working with Linda Ronstadt too, she’s always great.


Auralex: How have acoustics played a role in your performing and recording career over the course of time?

CF: I’ve worked with some great engineers and producers over the years, (George Massenburg, George Martin), and learned the absorption or reflective characteristics of a room can change things and a big way. The most important thing I learned was to know exactly what you have for a control room monitor / mix situation.


Auralex: Your new writer’s bungalow could be considered a ”dream room” for most writers both professional and hobbyists. How has this room turned out in your own words? 

CF: The rooms came out beautifully thanks largely to help from Auralex early on in the project. They were very helpful and responsive. I would recommend involving them early on any sort of studio design/construction, you won’t be disappointed.


Auralex: Where is your music headed this year and beyond?

CF: Patty Loveless did a great job on a co-write of mine last fall and Wayne Toups has just done (recorded) another co-write on his new album on Shanachie records. I need to do a Craig Fuller CD but as a father of 4 I have to fight for every bit of time for recording nowadays; eventually it will get done.


Auralex thanks Craig for his gracious support of our products. Making great music is the reason we do what we do and in this regard no one ranks higher on the list of appreciation than Craig. The remaining request Auralex (and hopefully all of you) has is that we won’t have to wait long before we hear new music from Craig Fuller!

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