Educational Videos

The Importance of Placement of Auralex® Acoustical Products  

Building an Auralex® Recording Studio

Cutting Auralex® Studiofoam®  

TubeTak Pro™ Adhesive

Bass Traps Auralex  

Mounting Auralex ProPanel™ Absorption Panels

Foamtak™ Adhesive  

The Quality Difference using Auralex® Acoustical Products

Diffusion Auralex

Auralex Acoustics ProPanel SonoSuede ProKit-1 Installation

Auralex Acoustics ProPanel SonoSuede ProKit-2 Installation

Absorption Auralex

Installing Auralex ProPanel Acoustic Wall Panels

Studiofoam Absorption and Your Mix Space by Auralex Acoustics

Auralex SonoFiber Roll - Cutting It Is Easy!

Auralex SonoFiber Roll Install With FoamTak Spray