Why You Can Trust Auralex

Why You Can Trust Auralex

Posted by Auralex on 21st Jul 2020

In describing our products, Auralex often references how it performs versus other cheaper kinds of acoustic materials on the market. It’s not us just blowing smoke, though. To paraphrase the words of beloved “Reading Rainbow” host LeVar Burton, you don’t have to take our word for it.

Any time Auralex is considering a product to put on the market, it sends it to the prestigious, world-class, choose-your-adjective Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories, located in Geneva, Ill. Its founder, George Fabyan, originally built Riverbank to give his friend, the physicist Wallace Clement Sabine, a state-of-the-art testing facility. Sabine, incidentally, basically created the field of architectural acoustics and the sound absorption measuring unit Sabin is so named in his honor.

The facility is accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and specializes in sound transmission loss (measured in STC), sound absorption (NRC), impact sound transmission (IIC) and sound power. It is an independent, third-party evaluator, meaning you can trust its findings.

If Riverbank comes back with subpar results, Auralex simply won’t put it on the market. It’s back to the drawing board for our product folks. However, if Riverbank shows it as high performing, as was the case with our new WaveCave Royale acoustical wall treatments, we make it available to the public.

The same standard we hold for performance of our products also holds true to safety. Every product Auralex puts out is fire tested by Commercial Testing, a third-party independent firm located in Dalton, Ga. Like Riverbank, it holds NVLAP accreditation. As with Riverbank testing, if Commercial Testing tells us a product isn't fire rated to the standards we want, we have to work on it further. In late June, a product we had tested failed to reach the standard we wanted (see images below). While the product in question passed the Flame Spread Index, it failed the Smoke Developed Index. We show this to you to be as clear and transparent with our customers as you'd want from something going in your home or studio.

Last month, we posted two videos demonstrating the fire-retardant quality of Auralex products versus a cheap, generic version. The results showed a radical difference between the two. In a situation like a fire, where seconds make all the difference, our products are likely to do much better in buying time.

Auralex will never compromise on performance and safety, and neither should you. As always, you can rest easy when buying Auralex products.